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Post Esports Masters - Group Stage schedule

Nocturnal E-Sports Group Stage Schedule



Saturday, 15th of may 2021

#Team 1Team 2
Game 1Nocturnal E-SportsRely On
Game 2Nocturnal E-SportsRFe | Elo Jail
Game 3Nocturnal E-SportsTeam Slick


Sunday, 16th of may 2021

#Team 1Team 2
Game 4Nocturnal E-SportsTeam Slick
Game 5Nocturnal E-SportsRFe | Elo Jail
Game 6Nocturnal E-SportsRely On

If you want to support us, make sure to turn on the stream /postesportsmasters on Sunday at 17:30, when we play against Royal Family's Elo Jail team.